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The new online directory for businesses, run by SEO specialists and the good news is, for the your first 3 months your listing is entirely free! Yes, you read right, this is a free submission directory as we are brand new. Don’t think because it is a new directory, it’s a new domain – it isn’t. The site has a domain authority of 34 and a page authority of 44!

We do not ask for any payment details whatsoever. After 3 months, we will email you asking if you wish to continue your listing, there is no obligation to do so. If you feel the the directory is worthwhile, it only costs £12 per year to continue your listing. If you wish, we will extend your free listing to 6 months if you give us a link back from your domain – just include the URL of where the link exists when you submit your listing. It must be a followed link from a cached page of your site.

We have a number of categories but if you would like to appear in a new sub category, please use the “suggest sub category” field when submitting your link.

Sorry, we do not accept adult sites and all listings must be in English.

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